Abby Gulick


“Growing up I have often found myself wandering in nature, contemplating myself, God and the awe inspiring beauty of the Earth. Both yoga and meditation have been friendly companions as I have come to deeper recognition of my connection to it all. Through these practices, I have learned to develop love, patience, body awareness and non-attachment.

As a constant explorer, my travels to Asia and South and Central America have been in pursuit of yoga, healing, massage trainings, spiritual journeys, and service work.

My other favorite journeys are every moment on my yoga mat, doing breath work, meditating, and movement awareness thru my yoga practice. I always gain something beautiful and valuable.

No matter where the day or life’s journey takes you, the best part is coming home and that’s what the time on the mat is about….we get to come home. As a yoga teacher and massage therapist, I hold the space for you to explore your own beautiful journey home.”