AnneCorrine Pattillo


While obtaining a master’s degree in Dance from the University of New Mexico in 2004, I discovered a passion for physical fitness and well-being. My studies continued to lead me on the path towards having a deeper understanding of kinesiology, movement fundamentals and movement analysis. I continued to learn by taking a yoga teacher training course, attending advanced yoga workshops, and by apprenticing under a certified Iyengar yoga teacher for over a decade. In addition, I have extensive Pilates class instruction and practice experience.

I love to share all that I know through classes that are focused on alignment, posture, and pleasure. “Expression of the self” is the over-arching theme in my yoga, dance, and fitness classes. I have taught in southwest Colorado since 1995 and in Dolores and Cortez since 2004. I graduated from Yoga Therapy School in 2014 and see students privately for individualized sessions that target their specific goals.

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