Lillian Wakeley


Lillian Wakeley | Heart and Core Yoga Studio | Cortez, Colorado

Yoga reached out and found me in 2007 at a time when I needed major change and stress reduction. Centering on yoga is a huge change from my previous lifestyle. But after decades as a military geologist and research team leader, I was ready for the change. Training to be a yoga teacher was an inspiring and natural continuation of my personal journey.

I’ve always been an outdoor person: hiking, biking, canoeing, skiing, backpacking, trout fishing, exploring national parks and archeological sites, and appreciating plant and animal life. Having the whole world to choose from, my husband and I chose to move to Dolores, mostly for the outdoor opportunities. Here I found the right place to move forward in a strong yoga community that embraces remarkable people of all interests, ages, and physical abilities.

I would be honored if you would share my joy as a member of this community, and explore new possibilities for yoga as a tool for your health and life.

“Together we can breathe, move, learn, and live in peace”.