Wendy Griffin


Wendy began her yoga journey in her late 20’s after moving to Colorado. She was drawn to yoga initially as a way to strengthen the body but quickly realized the positive effect it had on the mind and spirit. She completed her teacher training in Asheville, NC and has completed advanced training in Yin Yoga and Yoga Nidra.

Her classes are heart centered and include focusing on the breath and listening to one’s own body. She holds a space for others to find the connection between what happens on the mat and what happens in everyday life.
Her passions outside of teaching yoga include running, biking, and spending time with her dogs, cats, chickens, donkeys and horses. In addition, Wendy is a co-founder of a horse rescue and the founder of Mountain Girl Herbals, a company that makes creams and salves that are nourishing and healing for the body and soul. She lives in Mancos, Colorado with her animals and husband, Vince. Visit Mountain girl Herbals at http://www.mountaingirlherbals.com