Revive Your Inner Drive

Some days our inner spark can take a back seat, leaving us feeling stalled-out and out of fuel. Barely moving in the slow lane, our energy becomes congested in the traffic jam of life. As we sit idle, it’s easy to think we have no other option but to wait for the momentum to pick up, but this is not true. We just need to get behind the wheel of our mind, shift gears, and get our body back on the road to health and vitality.



If you feel as if you’ve lost your drive, the following meditation is for you. Have fun with this one. Read it aloud with a friend. Relish in the power of words and let your thoughts bring you from zero to sixty.

Take a moment to imagine that your body is a vehicle. See it as just a tool that brings you from one place to another. In your mind’s eye, perform a mechanical diagnostic of your physical carriage. Notice all aspects of your personal automobile and get a sense of how you feel. Does your engine lag? Are you out of gas? Have you lost steam? Is your cooling system running hot? Do you need oil to make your parts work efficiently? Prepare to be in the driver’s seat. Set your gauge and start revving up your engine.

After several deep breaths on your imaginary road trip, see yourself rolling along an idyllic country lane, in a comfortable car, with a gentle breeze blowing in your hair. Take note of how that feels in your body.



Next, see a straight path up ahead; some place where the road opens into a long corridor that is just perfect for picking up speed. Push on the gas pedal and feel your engine shifting gears. Throttle your tension, and leave your fatigue in the dust. Begin to feel the exhilaration of acceleration. Sit with this sensation for as long as you’d like. Let this inner voyage be your personal practice that reenergizes your body.



If you are not comfortable in the fast lane, or feel as if you are speeding past opportunities and rest stops, gently apply the brakes. It is okay to shift down to a speed that suits you. Remember, you are the driver in control. Get behind the wheel of life, make sure you have a full tank of gas, and…

Ladies and Gentlemen: Start your engines!

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