Massage Therapy

To schedule an appointment call Abby at (970) 676-1074

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Nationally Certified, Abby Gulick gives theraputic massages, blending techniques of deep tissue, myofascial, and Swedish, specific to your individual needs. Abby also provides traditional Thai Yoga Massage, Reiki, Chakra Balancing, Hot Stone and gemstone-crystal healing treatments. 

“Everyone deserves to give and spend time on themselves, no matter what may be going on in your daily life.  We must take time to slow down and catch up with ourselves, otherwise stress, illness, injury, or emotional imbalance may result.  Massage is a great step toward health, which while providing a multitude of health benefits can be a great step toward the prevention of possible health troubles down the road.  Massage is a safe, relaxing space for you to tune into your self, while working out tensions of the body and receiving all the other benefits massage provides.  Massage is an investment in your self and your future.” ~Abby

In Abby’s treatments, she listens to your goals for the session and tunes into what the body communicates, always honoring each person specifically.  Be it for relaxation, body aches, or an energetic rebalancing, she will help you feel better so you can better serve yourself, others, and our world.

You may customize your treatment, combining modalities, or let Abby work her magic and address your body’s needs.

To schedule an appointment call Abby at (970) 676-1074

One hour massage $65

One and a half hour massage $90

Gift certificates available at the front desk.

Thanks for taking care of Yourself!