Dakota Hargett


I began practicing yoga in 2005, which provided much needed calmness and peace of mind while pursuing my Chemistry and Biology degrees at Fort Lewis College in Durango. I was hooked right away after completing YogaDurango’s ‘Yoga Challenge’, which entailed five or more classes of yoga per week for one month. As my yoga practice evolved, I completed a 200HR yoga teacher training program with Jill Lawson’s Yoga School in 2012, and have been delighted to teach my love for the practice since. My main practice is Vinyasa Yoga, which allows you to meditate in flow and access your innate and pure selves through carefully placed breathwork and movement.

In addition to teaching yoga, I am a full time farmer with my partner Aaron, with our primary market being our family’s farm to table restaurant, The Farm Bistro in Cortez. I also enjoy building things, including our off-grid earthship/strawbale house that we have been living in since 2012. I owe it to my yoga practice to be able to do all the strenuous things I do with ease, and love to share that knowledge with all walks of life to bring more fluidity back to the body, creativity to the spirit and openess to the heart. I truly believe that a healthy future for ourselves, our grandchildren, and this planet comes from honoring and deeply loving ourselves. This is what yoga practice helps to achieve.

I will be delighted to teach and offer the gifts of Prana Vinyasa developed by Shiva Rea, after completing a Prana Vinyasa 200HR YTT Program in July of 2016. My teachers Monica Mesa and Lily Russo have shown me the power and art of practice through the seasons, the cycles of the moon and the sun, and how and why we offer specific Namaskars honoring the changes as we bow to the essence of the elements Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Ether.