Lazy Man’s Yoga Gains Notoriety in Modern Day Yoga Culture

Heart and Core Yoga Teacher and massage therapist, Lisa Holz, talks about Thai massage.

“Thai massage, often referred to as ‘lazy man’s yoga,’ is a beautiful and highly effective healing art. Though its roots stretch back thousands of years, it has become more and more popular in the West in recent decades. Many times, the things we do for work and play generate unconscious patterns in thought and movement that contribute to our pain and suffering. As an on-going practice, Thai massage unravels these patterns and brings balance into all aspects of our lives. It’s effective for everything from aches and pains to insomnia or anxiety relief.

Because it’s practiced on a mat and you remain clothed, you can be gently stretched, pressed, and pulled into a state of relaxation and opening. Acupressure points are stimulated to balance the flow of energy throughout your system, creating an environment for physical, mental and emotional healing. Often, steamed herbal compresses are applied to relieve pain, decrease inflammation and promote rejuvenation in different areas of your body that feel tired, tight or sore.”

Here are a few examples of techniques that might be used in the course of a session:


 Traditionally, Thai massage begins with the feet, which are full of reflexology points! Every other part of your body can be affected through the feet.


You will feel a nice release and lengthening in your low back; acupressure points near the sacroiliac (SI) joint and along the spine relieve low back pain.


 In this assisted posture, your shoulder is anchored to the mat for a deep twist, stimulating the organs in your abdomen and promoting healthy digestion.


 Assisted cobra provides a lovely opening in the chest and shoulders; the pelvis is rooted into the mat with kneeling pressure to help protect the low back.

Lisa is hopeful that this will give you a better idea of what Thai massage is and what it would look and feel like. Sessions are typically 90 minutes, and over before you know it! Plus, you’ll get to rest in savasana for a few minutes before moving onto the rest of your day, so you’ll leave feeling relaxed and deeply nourished, much like you feel after taking a yoga class.

While laziness is usually frowned upon, in this case it is having people feeling better than ever. Who knew something so effortless could bring about so many benefits? What a relief!


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