3 Tips for Mastering Balance Poses

Most yogis I know have a love-hate relationship with balance poses. Some days balancing comes easy, and other days standing on one leg feels like torture and humiliation. There is a reason for this, and it might have little to do with your physical ability.

Get out of your head

If yesterday you rocked half moon pose but today you fell on your rear, examine your state of mind. When life has us over-thinking, worrying, or fretting about everything, we won’t have the inner balance necessary for the outer balance.

Fixing your gaze on a still point in the room is a great way to help your balance because it keeps your mind focused. Be in the moment, find balance in your breath, and let the outside world dissolve around you.

Use your core

Next time you are in a balance pose, imagine someone’s hands are wrapped around your waist, holding you steady. Stand up tall, pull in on the sides of your waist, activate your lower belly, and bring your front lower ribs into your spine. This simple adjustment will enhance your stability.

Let yourself wobble

You don’t have to be completely still in balance poses, because when you move, your body’s proprioceptive system is turned on to retrain the muscles to reach a state of equilibrium. It is advantageous to wobble as it will give you better balance off the mat, as well as for sports and activities that you love to do.


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