Decisions, Decisions: The Big Mind-Body Experiment

What Should I Do?

Making tough decisions is a learned skill. While some decisions are quite simple to make, others require time and careful examination. Whatever the size and importance of the decision, choosing the best option takes practice.

We have all had plenty of opportunities to lament over the horrible choices we’ve made, only to look back and hopefully learn from our ill judgment. But, when we are constantly battling the consequences of making poor decisions, life can wear us out.

The following meditation is a tool you can use to set your internal compass toward making positive and constructive choices. Good decisions in work and relationships are paramount to our personal development and happiness in life.

First, create or find a space that allows your mind to settle and your body to relax. Perhaps it is walking along a shoreline, or sitting on your own back porch. Go to the place that will best support your process of deciding what to do.

Next, imagine possible outcomes that might arise from your different choices. Notice how thinking about these consequences can affect your body. Do you have a nervous stir in your stomach? Is your heart heavy? Does your head ache when you ruminate over a particular outcome? While these sensations are par for the course in any tough decision making process, they are of great value to observe.

Ask yourself why certain feelings are present. For example, a nervous stomach could be a result of your fear of success or failure, as well as a lack of confidence in yourself. A heaviness in your chest might be a sign you are not following your heart, or are taking on someone else’s feelings. A headache often suggests you are not yet certain about what you want, or are overwhelmed by the process of following through with it. Observe your feelings so you can gather insight into what might be holding you back. Take as long as you need to get clear. Now, let your awareness move beyond your feelings and connect with your internal compass. Trust yourself; your inner guide will never let you down.

Finally, understand no scenario is ever going to be absolutely perfect. If you face your fears head on, set emotional boundaries, and get clear, the right choice often presents itself. And, always remember the words of Ralph Waldo Emerson, “Once you make a decision, the universe conspires to make it happen.” Go for it!



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