Is Corpse Pose Killing You? A Guide to Mastering Final Relaxation in Yoga

Savasana (sha-vaa’-sana), aka corpse pose or final relaxation, is one of the most important yoga poses we’ll ever practice. However, instead of relishing in all of the goodness this pose brings, many people will use savasana to sort out their to-do list and ponder pending agendas. After all, it seems like the perfect time to figure out what to make for dinner, or day dream about your next vacation. I know, I do yoga, too. But, the point of final relaxation at the end of class is to slow our thoughts and merge into a place of complete peace. Easier said than done, that’s for sure!


The following meditation is a guided imagery practice I created to help us stay present in savasana. I use it when my brain just can’t settle down long enough to let go. Notice how, with special attention, you’ll be able to soak in all of the glorious benefits of your time on the yoga mat. Make sure you savor every minute of it, as it will have long lasting effects.

Before reclining onto your back and into corpse pose, take a moment to visualize white snowcapped peaks atop tall mountains. Let the snowy tops of these mountains signify your current state of awareness; perhaps a little icy or rigid in thought. With this image in mind, begin to settle into savasana.


While lying on your back, allow your body to adjust into a comfortable position. Revisit the image of those snowcapped peaks. Imagine the sun’s rays greeting the ice and snow, and see the frozen caps beginning to melt away. During this section of the imagery, let your thoughts feel warm, and flow slowly, much like melting snow. Let this image begin to wash away any bodily tension or mental anxiety.

Next, imagine the pure and clean liquid runoff from the snowcapped peaks merging into several larger streams that pour down the mountain. See all these fresh, new streams merging into one unhurried river. As your body flows into a deeper state of relaxation, let your consciousness become just like this river. Allow your thoughts to be like slow-moving liquid as they flow through your mind. Imagine the soothing sounds of a mountain stream.


Natural streams refresh the landscape, as they carry channels of water all the way to the ocean. Your flowing streams of consciousness refresh your mind and your body, as they carry you all the way to a place of inner calm. In our yoga and meditation practices, streams of free-flowing consciousness can erode whatever is in our way to finding inner peace.

Imagine your river of thought merging into the ocean of your soul, washing away anything that keeps you from experiencing your best savasana. Swim in the ocean of consciousness until it is time to awaken. When you do finally come out of savasana, thank yourself for your efforts to clear your mind and calm your body. As it helps you, it will also help those around you. Namaste.



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