What Does the Color of Your Yoga Mat Say About You?

Have you ever wondered why you are attracted to certain colors? Be it steamy grey, or wild fuchsia, colors can reflect the way we feel about ourselves, as well as directly influence our mood. Remember the classic mood ring from the 1970’s? While the color of your yoga mat doesn’t change based on your mood, it can make your mood change while you are using it.

It is no surprise that yoga mats these days come in a rainbow of shades. Tiptoe across the floor of our yoga studio and you will see varied tones of greens, purples, and reds, in addition to multicolored, patterned, or printed mats of numerous colors.

Call it silly nonsense, but the color of your yoga mat can either inspire or dampen your enthusiasm with regard to your yoga practice.

The following are a few explanations of how the color of your yoga mat can affect your mood, energy level, and inner peace.



Those who chose a red yoga mat are usually solid and grounded, and most likely attracted to the vim and vigor certain yoga styles offer. Practicing on a red yoga mat will certainly spark a little liveliness under your feet, but be prepared to work extra hard at cooling down toward the end of class. Red instills a fiery quality to your practice, and will keep you feeling the heat long after class has ended.






Purple mats are gorgeous. This rich and royal tone invokes a sense of elegance and jewel-like presence to your yoga practice. Want to feel like a king or a queen seated confidently on the palace throne? Take a seat on your purple yoga mat and be absorbed in an attitude of richness and luxury.



Blue is very comforting, which is why it is a fabulous choice for a yoga mat. All shades of blue promote serenity and peace, as the color blue is very cooling and soothing for most people. Step foot on a blue yoga mat and you’ll feel as if you’re riding atop a gentle ocean wave, and as a result, your practice will feel very free and easy.



Nothing seeks attention more than the color orange. From road construction cones to a deer hunter’s wardrobe, orange is a color that begs to be noticed. Those who practice on orange yoga mats are not afraid to stand proud and be who they are. Orange is also a playful color, and instills a child-like quality to your yoga practice. An orange yoga mat will bring fun to your practice as you play with adventurous poses such as inversions or arm balances.



Picture a salubrious garden, acres and acres of lush rainforest, or a field of rich, wild grasses, and you’ll soon understand how a green yoga mat might give you the sense that you are connected to nature in all of its magical splendor. Practice poses like tree pose and mountain pose on your green yoga mat and it will be hard for you to not feel uplifted and inspired by the natural beauty that is all around you.



Pink mats are wonderful to help promote breast cancer awareness. The color pink also exemplifies rosy cheeks, bubblegum, and the blush of first love. Are you totally in love with yoga? Express it by practicing on a pink mat, and your yoga practice will love you back. Be flirtatious in balance poses, sweeten your standing poses, and feel energized by your devoted commitment to loving yourself, your yoga, and your care for finding a cure.



Look up at the night sky and you’ll witness the dazzle of a dark and expansive universe. Classic, ageless, and never boring, black will always stand the test of time. Practicing on a black yoga mat offers the same dose of inspiration as pondering the mysteries of the universe. Relaxing on a black yoga mat brings attention to the infinite possibilities available to you.


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