Yoga Nidra: Reflections on a Very Personal Vision

Yoga Nidra is a unique, guided imagery meditation designed to bring us into a deep state of relaxation. During Yoga Nidra, interesting visions and thoughts may arise. Our experiences through such an inward journey teach us so much about ourselves.

A recent Yoga Nidra practice gave me some insight into something I had unknowingly been struggling with, and spurred a desire to share the following imagery that spontaneously came to my mind.

I was instructed to think of something in my life that felt incomplete, or not yet actualized. I thought of something, or more accurately, a situation I’ve always wanted to be in, but I’m not, yet. Karen Mischke, our teacher, asked the class to scan our bodies and notice physical sensations associated with our current thoughts. I couldn’t deny the burning rage in my solar plexus. After a few moments of ‘breathing into the feeling’ I felt an ache in my heart and wanted to cry. My eyes were getting moist and my chest was heavy like a looming thunderhead waiting to release a torrential rainstorm. That’s when I had an epiphany and began to see this guided imagery unfold.

I imagined myself shedding tears. Overflowing tears from my heart rained down onto the fire of rage in my belly. I saw the flames dampen, and I felt my pent up anger subside. In my mind’s eye, I continued to cry, and eventually, the fire went out.

What happened next was one of the most vivid imageries I have ever seen. Beautiful steel gray streams of smoke began to rise from the ashes of my extinguished anger. In this smoke I saw the message of my intention. It rose up and swirled around my third eye, and went up and out through the crown of my head. I saw it as a smoke signal to the universe, asking for guidance in achieving my goals.

 (Photo of Bronwyn by Mike Znerold)

I realized I had not yet surrendered to a higher power for help attaining my desired situation, instead I was unknowingly held back by rage. Now, I trust the message is out there and my request for guidance will be honored.

In looking back after writing this article for my regular meditation column in Om Yoga and Lifestyle Magazine, I realize the recent changes in my life are indeed part of a grand master plan that I may not be entirely aware of just yet. I do know, from somewhere deep inside myself, my prayers are being answered.

Next time you are practicing Yoga Nidra, or in quiet meditation, ask yourself the same question. What haven’t you actualized in your life? Scan your body and take note of physical sensations. Breathe into those sensations, and discover your own insight and imagery. Unveil what will set you free, and bring your dream to fruition.

Yoga Nidra takes place on Friday’s at 10:45am. While the class structure may seem like a glorified nap, I assure you, remarkable things happen in that one special hour with Karen Mischke each week. 

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